Only Dish In Restaurant

In early 2000, I had visited Athens, Greece. After three days I finished all snakes brought from home,  I was eagerly finding Indian vegetarian food. Next day I come to know about a restaurant in Kattopatisia area named Gandhi (man main laddu futa). I have hired a taxi and find out restaurant, luckily owner was Indian. After an initial chat with the owner, we have got menu card.

Surprised! except for Indian Punjabi meal, every dish was non-vegetarian. As a vegetarian, I had no choice to go for that dish or leave from there. I knew that Punjabi meal is heavy and spicy but I had no other choice. So, we have decided to try it.

The reason behind discussing this occasion is, the same thing happening with stock market nowadays. Despite high valuation, lower GDP forecast(due to demonetization), Indo-Pak tension, Brexit, etc. equity market is looking resilient. Why?

An interest rate is going down, almost negative return in gold from past three years, Reality is losing the charm, Return in equity after one year is tax-free, the Best tool for equity investment is well regulated and more and more people is looking toward long-term investment with mutual funds. Aggressive policy makers, Stable government and many more things; the world believes that long-term Indian story is bright.

Best thing of being part of that is the equity market long term investment. Best out of best is systematic investment plan(SIP). SIP can be started with the minimum of RS.1000/- per month and one can get own 30-50 good quality diversified stock portfolio.  Which is managed by professional fund manager, research team every day to maximise return which cost below 3%!!!

Not suggesting blindly go for it, but “TEST KARNA TO BANTA HAI“.

By the way, let me tell you, I had taken dinner at Gandhi Restaurant for next three days.

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