Kotak India Growth Fund Series 4 – NFO

Union budget 2018 has been announced by Finance Minister and it has brought some jitters to the stock market. As a novice investor, you might know about current equity market valuations and may be waiting for lump sum investment.

And common questions you may have in your mind are: 

  • Correction in equities is started? 
  • How long will this correction sustain?
  • When will market start to bounce back again?
  • What will be the right level to invest?

All these are very common questions to have in current market conditions. Timing the market precisely is not possible. Thus we always suggest the best product to our investors which is rewarding at an optimum amount of risk.  We recommend you to consider investing in to – Kotak India Growth Fund – Series 4.

Why is it right fund?
Equity market started bull market correction phase. The fund manager will have a time to the allocation of funds till 30 days after NFO closes as per SEBI guideline. This may be a good time for the fund manager to get good stocks at a bargain valuations rather chasing rally.

Salient features of this fund: 

  1. It’s close-ended Multicap fund so fund manager will have the freedom to fully invest without cash flow issues.
  2. Flexibility to move across market capitalization
  3. Small portion of NAV goes in to put buying to hedge the fund & thus limiting downside risk
  4. In declining market, put option appreciates in value and allows profit booking to invest in stocks at lower Nifty levels
  5. Most importantly, it takes long-term performance into consideration.

About the Fund:

Type of Scheme – Multicap Fund – 36 month close ended equity scheme.
Objective – To generate capital appreciation from a diversified portfolio.
Options – Growth option & Dividend – Payout option
Min Amount – Rs. 5,000/- and in Multiple of Rs. 10
Benchmark Index – Nifty 200
Fund Manager – Harsha Upadhyaya
Tenure – 36 Months

You can also review fund document here – Mfundz_Kotak India Growth Fund

If you would want to take benefit of this fund, it’s open for investment during – Jan 29th, 2018 to Feb 12th, 2018. 

You can invest in this fund from Mfundz.

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